Getting Started Bootstrapping Mobile

  • Instagram Business Account (owned by Facebook) — $Free
  • Tumblr (owned by Verizon) — $Free
  • Facebook Business Account — $Free
  • Twitter — $Free
  • IFTTT — $Free
  • Pinterest — $Free
  • YouTube — $Free (Required for Android App videos)
  • MacBook Pro Laptop — $1.5–3K (iOS apps require macOS-only xCode)
  • iPhone 8 — $600+ (iOS apps require one plugged into your MacBook)
  • iPhone X — $800+ (iOS apps require one for testing/screenshots)
  • Google Pixel — $800+ (gets most Android OS updates long time)
  • Samsung Phone — $ (shows you how your app breaks on this different OS)
  • Sketch Design Software — $100/yr (edits design files and app assets)
  • Asana Project Management Software — $Free/life (has paid tiers)
  • Slack Project Communication Software — $Free/life (has paid tiers)
  • Google Play Console (required for Android work)
  • Apple Developer Console / App Store Connect (required for iOS work)
  • Google Firebase Console (enables free app features 1-tap auth, referrals)
  • Google Fabric Console (enables crashlytics for debugging errors)
  • Google Cloud Console (enables paid features like Google Maps API stuff)
  • Facebook Developer Console (enables sign in with Facebook +more)
  • etc.
And never stop pedaling when you find your purpose




Founder of Sprocket Bicycle App @Retrographic | Ex @Lyft

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Founder of Sprocket Bicycle App @Retrographic | Ex @Lyft

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